“I” Series Vibration Testing System from ETS Solutions
The Optimal Performance System for Major Test Standards

April 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~ The "I" Series vibration testing system is ideal for screening of medium sized assemblies with large acceleration and high frequency test requirements. This series also meets typical vibration test requirements of other medium to large sized electronic assemblies, automotive parts, aviation and avionics parts. The "I" Series solid armature is designed to meet the rigors of military, aerospace and international test standards including MIL, AS TM, IEC, ISO, BS and JIS. The Extreme Acceleration Shaker Y-Ring (EAS-Y Ring) armature is a revolutionary design which will allow for using a proportioned head expander to test multiple specimens simultaneously yet achieving good vibration transmissibility ratio.


  • Specimen payload up to 2,420 lbs.

  • Up to 3” pk-pk displacement and up to 1024 KVA Amplifier

  • Low noise 150 Khz switching, FAST peak over current protection.

  • Wireless shaker connection for sensitive electrical measurements during the test

  • Random ratings to 170 G rms meeting ISO standard, Sine to 220 G peak

  • Test frequency up to 5000 Hz shock

  • Shaker system can be ordered assembled in USA, some with short delivery

  • Lightweight armatures from 55 lb

  • Vibration system rating from 11,000 lbf to 35,000 lbf

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