Despatch Offers A Wide Selection Of High Performance Ovens Designed For Annealing Applications

Despatch ovens feature a variety of chamber sizes and temperature capabilities.


Mettler Toledo Process Analytics

How to Optimize Brewing Using 5 Critical Measurements


Siemens - What are the advantages and disadvantages between a mechanical flow meter and a magnetic flow meter?

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on using mechanical meters versus magnetic meters for the measurement of conductive liquid.


Announcing Cincinnati Sub-Zero's NEW Chamber Rental Program

The rental program features very affordable monthly payments.


Galvanic Applied Sciences AccuSeries

LPA Liquid Chemistry Analyzer


Roscid Technologies New Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

CMH-20 is a new table top chilled mirror hygrometer



Mettler Toledo Process Analytics

Deionization Resin Capacity & Exhaustion Monitoring for Water Cycle Chemistry


Optical Labs Find Despatch Ovens Well Suited For Curing Optical Coatings

Optical manufacturers depend on uniform internal temperatures, accurate ramp and soak time and precise temperature controls.


RC Systems - WaveNet Wireless with ViewSmart 1600+, ViewSmart 6400

RC Systems Inc. offers a full range of Gas Detectors and Alarm Controllers


Kaman Precision Products Line of High Precision Sensors and Systems Designed for Extreme Environment Applications

These high temperature products were initially designed for NASA and the nuclear power industry requiring high reliability, accuracy, and structural integrity.


Mettler Toledo Process Analytics

CustomerPortal Online Purchasing


Join Us for this Free Webinar Hosted by Siemens:

Reducing Valve Operation Costs With Smart Valve Positioners


RC Systems SensePoint - the Standalone Solution

The SensePoint gas detector is R.C. Systems’ newest solution for single point monitoring with local alarm indication.


Please join CSZ for upcoming educational webinars this summer.

Register soon as limited seats are available!


Siemens Product Launch - The SITRANS LR100 Transmitters

iemens Process Instrumentation is pleased to announce the latest addition to its radar transmitter portfolio: The SITRANS LR100 series.


Despatch Industries Provides Thermal Processing Solutions

for Heat Treating Materials in Automotive and Energy Storage Applications


FLW Southeast Partners with Galvanic Applied Sciences to Provide Liquid Analyzers to Customers Throughout the Southeast

Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. solves critical process-analysis and measurement problems for customers worldwide.


Sherborne Sensors - WTS Series

Precise. Reliable. Robust.


Mettler Toledo Process Analytics

5 Critical Measurements to Optimize Production in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Dranetz Trade In & Upgrade Promo

Trade In or Upgrade Your Dranetz - Up to a $3,000 Value!


FLW Southeast Partners with YSI to Provide Analytical Instrumentation Solutions to the W&WW Market in the Carolinas

For 70 years, YSI has manufactured and designed sensors, instruments and solutions for water quality monitoring.


Gas Turbine Monitoring With Kistler Pressure And Acceleration Sensors

Measurements Directly In The Combustor Delivers Reliable Results!


Please join MSA for a Lightning Webinar

Sampling Systems, Thursday 5/21/20


Join Mettler Toledo's Jim Cannon for this Free Webinar:

“Revision and Update of Pharmacopeia Regulations for Pharmaceutical Waters”


Sherborne Sensors - Precise, Accurate, Reliable

A global leader in design, development & manufacture of precision sensors


Dranetz Now Offers "How To" Web Based Operator Training!

Make the most of these unprecedented times by joining Dranetz for one of their live, free, web based operator training classes.


FLW Southeast Partners with Dranetz Instruments to Provide Fixed & Portable Power Quality Analyzers to Customers in the Southeast

Intelligent Monitoring Solutions for Electrical Demand and Energy and Power Quality


Choose The Right Isolation Room Pressure Monitor for COVID-19 Response from Setra Systems

Setra Systems continues to stand ready to help hospitals and government agencies in the ongoing battle against COVID-19.


Acuity’s AccuRange 500 Laser Position Sensors

Use Triangulation Measurement Principles Gauging Distances to Targets with Great Accuracy and Speed!


Despatch: Bizarre Metal Conducts Electricity But Not Heat

Every once in a while, scientists come across new materials that seem to define the laws of physics.


Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s VTS Compact Thermal Shock Chambers -

Superior Performance in a Small Footprint!


Educational Webinar Presented by YSI Experts

The Essentials of Phosphorus Removal in Wastewater


Sherborne Sensors Introduces The New LSOC-D Servo Series Sensor

The Servo Inclinometer With An Integrated Display



Mettler Toledo InPro 5000(i) Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Sensor

5 Ways In-Line CO2 Sensors Improve Bioprocessing


Kistler Instruments Measurement Technology

Boosts Process Reliability for Efficient Process Monitoring in Semiconductor Production


Siemens Extends its Positioner Portfolio with Sipart PS100

It is the right choice whenever you need a reliable controller for standard applications.


Despatch Product Spotlight:PBC and PNC Burn-In Cabinet Ovens

Engineered specifically for applications such as high dissipation forward bias, high-temperature reverse bias, dynamic and static burn-in of IC, RAM, ROM, microprocessors and other semiconductor devices


FLW Southeast is Here to Help!

With directives on practicing social distancing, FLW Southeast is committed to supporting our customers through a variety of virtual avenues.


Kaman’s DIT-5200L Noncontact Differential Impedance Transducers

Eliminate The Need For Summation Amplifiers That Add Noise And Drift


Roscid Technologies offers Three Measuring Sensors in One Probe

The RO120 Series - Three measurements made by one transmitter at an affordable price!


FLW Southeast Has Decided Not Attend the South Carolina Environmental Conference

The health and well-being of our employees, partners, customers, & families is our top priority.


The new DewTran® II-PDM from Roscid Technologies

A NIST traceable portable chilled mirror hygrometer!


ISPE CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference

Join Us at Booth #114 March 10, 2020 Durham, NC


When Production Applications Require Cooling And Heat Treating Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s TF-Series Offers A Seamless Solution!

The TF-Series Front Loading Production Chilling Chambers offer side-by-side operation.


FLOMEC® Announces FM Approvals

We are pleased to announce that Great Plains Industries Inc. has earned Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals for the FLOMEC OM Series Oval Gear Meters.


High-Speed Combustion Analysis with Kistler Instruments’ Signal Conditioning Platform

The Signal Conditioning Platform (SCP) with Ethernet options centralizes equipment configuration and optimizes usability for maximum flexibility.


Siemens Releases Updated Gas Flow Measurement Version of FS230 Ultrasonic Clamp On Flowmeter

Siemens Process Instrumentation is pleased to introduce expanded gas flow measurement capabilities to the SITRANS FS230 clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter.


Acuity’s AR100 Is One Of The Most Compact Triangulation Sensors Worldwide

The AR100 group of laser position sensors is Acuity’s most compact series of triangulating laser displacement sensors.