Mettler Toledo Process Analytics Releases Improved Version of Their Award Winning
GPro500 In-Situ TDL Oxygen Analyzer

June 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~

Mettler Toledo is pleased to announce further improvements to our oxygen measurement accuracy and oxygen pressure range for the GPro 500. These improvements further differentiate MTPRO from competitive Analyzers on the market.

Accuracy: To improve our oxygen accuracy spec, MT has changed the oxygen laser diode (and wavelength) slightly. The instrument will now look at 2 (instead of 3) peaks and improved algorithms still guarantee no cross interference from other gases in the background. Expected laser life is still 10+ years and the laser intensity/power remains the same (low). Finally, the oxygen accuracy spec is now 1% of reading or 100 ppm O2 (whichever is greater).

Pressure: With software improvements, the GPro500 is now able to make oxygen measurements where the process/gas pressure is in the range from -13.25 to +130.0 PSIG (1.45-145.0 PSIA).

For more information on MTPRO’s TDL Analyzers, please click here.