Mettler Toledo GPro®500: Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) Gas Analyzers
Reliable, low-maintenance gas measurement in-situ & extractive applications

September 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~ Designed for the toughest gas measurements, the GPro® 500 TDL Series Gas Analyzers handle the most demanding process applications, especially where accuracy and fast response is crucial.

Measure Where it Matters

A wide option of process adaptions gives options to measure in-situ, extractive or in cross-pipe installations. All tunable diode laser gas analyzers from METTLER TOLEDO require no alignment, & the standard probe-type analyzers fits in pipes down to DN100 (4"). Other adaptions include designs for DN50-sized small pipes (2"), a filter probe for high-dust or high-condensate applications and a non-purge probe for blanketing applications.

Eliminate the Need for Alignment

The GPro 500 series TDL gas analyzers is built on a unique folded-path design. The laser source and detector are located in a single unit on one end of the sensor, and the laser beam is reflected back by a three-sided mirror to the detector, so alignment is always perfect. With Mettler Toledo's wide array of process adaptions, the GPro 500 can be used in almost all pipes and stacks.

Measurements for variety of gases included:

Tangible Performance, Minimal Maintenance

The GPro 500 does not require maintenance-intenstive extractive and conditioning systems. This means that you receive consistent performance from your tunable diode laser gas analyzer without the downtime and cost associated with these traditional systems. You achieve reliable uptime, critical in safety applications, at a reduced cost of ownership.

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