RC Systems - WaveNet Wireless with ViewSmart 1600+, ViewSmart 6400

July 2019, MARIETTA, GA ~
Did you know WaveNet wireless is now available in both the ViewSmart 6400 and 1600+ alarm controllers, and provides the easiest and most cost effective installation available for toxic and combustible gas detection?

WaveNet wireless systems have 100% wireless gas detectors, which dramatically reduce the installation cost and time spent on installation. Simply mount the gas detector in the desired location. Turn the detector on. Configure the wireless network and channel. The detector will automatically upload it channel information to the controller, and you’re done.

Combine the simplicity of installation with the WaveNet’s ability to share not only channel data, but battery and sensor life, add wireless alarm stations, WiFi, Ethernet and many other options, and the WaveNet wireless system proves to be one of the most robust wireless gas detection systems available today.


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