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Gantner Instruments Data Acquisition & Control Instrumentation

Gantner Instruments is a leader in the development of flexible measurement and control systems targeted at test automation applications. By delivering high-speed, high-accuracy, distributed data acquisition & control products as required in today's demanding testing environments - such as engine testing, component testing, electric motor/battery testing, and long term fatigue/durability testing, Gantner Instruments provides complete and open platform solutions for OEM's, Systems Integrators, and End Users alike.

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blodtryksmedicin amlodipin amlodipin krka naltrexone hcl naltrexone for pain Why Choose Gantner for Industrial Test & Measurement DAQ, Structural Health Monitoring, Powertrain, or EV Battery Testing? February 2016, MARIETTA, GA~ Performance. Ease of Use. Durability. Precision. Scalability. Affordability. Gantner Instruments DAQ modules outperform competitors with high-precision, high-speed, and long-life modules that adapt to any environment or application. Q.series modular measurement and conditioning systems are currently used in the following applications: Aerospace: Military and private Engine Testing & Analysis Train & Rail: Engine Performance and Analysis Crane Testing: Super Crane Multi-Point Strain Monitoring & Testing EV Battery Labs: Battery Testing Bridge/Structural Strain/Health Monitoring: Problems can be discovered or monitored befor...

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