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Roscid Technologies Humidity & Moisture Measurement Instruments

Roscid Technologies is a leader in the development, design, and manufacture of a full line of humidity & dew point measurement instrumentation for Pharmaceutical, Metrology, Automotive, Petrochemical and industrial applications. Roscid's core product line is made up of Industrial relative Humidity (RH) dew point measurement devices, commercial relative humidity/temperature transmitters, sensors, and precision laboratory instrumentation.

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20mg fluoxetine buy fluoxetine website buy naltrexone 3mg naltrexone online Roscid Technologies’ HDR200 is a Perfect Application for Compressed Air, Dryers and Environmental Chambers
March 2015, MARIETTA, GA - HDR200 High Temperature Humidity Probe Series, user selectable switches for C or F, and RH or dew point. Factory settable, accuracy is +/-3% at 85RH at 85C 24 Vdc loop powered (4-20mA). Three foot cable between sensor and the electronics, max operating temperature 190C 0%RH at 190C (steam application) Dew point: -60C to 40C RH 0-95%RH (non-condensing) Unit Displays Dew point as well as temperature ½”NPT Fitting Calibration done at -60C Pressure Rating: 750PSI Material: 304 SS Operating Temperature: 200C Mesh Filter Top (SS) Dimensions of Probe: Length: 4” (10.16cm) O.D.: 0.5” ...

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